Our Mission

We’re on a mission to press reset on everything you think you know about sexual enhancements. Founded in 2019, we set out to be the difference, creating a reality where sexual appetites are insatiable, performances are off-the-charts, and ‘tired’ is no longer a word in your vocabulary. It’s the Royal Honey way, transforming good into great, minutes into hours, and ‘meh’ into heck yeah.

Our stories

Simply put, we’re different. Undeniably so. Creating a line of products packed with benefits, oozing quality, and built to make you last – with no prescription necessary – we’re the driving force behind a better approach to sex. It’s who we are: pleasure-heighteners, sex drive-accelerators, and orgasm-igniters, with one core goal… to make your next climax the best one yet.


To our team, it’s never been about how many orders we can get through our virtual doors. It’s about being on your side in the moments that count, catapulting energy levels, driving sexual confidence, and unlocking unforgettable experiences as we go. Putting the right formulas in your corner, we think of it as the ultimate toolkit, adding a splash of spice back into your intimate moments, one sexual enhancement at a time.


We pledge to always do the right thing; not the easiest, quickest, most cost-efficient thing. From manufacturing our formulas under the supervision of a doctor to ensuring that each pocket-sized product is as authentic as the next, we’re big on peace of mind. No ineffective formulas. No scary side-effects. No counterfeits. No exceptions.

It’s no longer enough to follow trends. Instead, we’re setting them, bringing explosive orgasms, animalistic stamina, and powerful sexual performances to bedrooms (or cars, hotel rooms, or kitchen countertops!) everywhere. It’s a claim we live and breathe, backed up by 300,000 happy customers – and counting.